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Confessions New Years Resolution Of 2017

Author: Matthew Gates
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2017 Resolutions For Confessions Of The Professions

Happy New Year 2017

2016. Another year gone by already and another year to look forward to. Every year is the year. What is it we say to ourselves? "This year, this year is going to be my year!" 2017 is going to be my year! Yeah, I hope so. I hope it is your year too. I mean, some good things happened to me in 2016—I bought a house. Unfortunately, it also came with a mortgage, which I will probably be paying off forever and a day from now. I marketed a successful online free product called MyPost (brainstormed and designed in November of 2015), which taught me a lot about database programming and that helped me start an official business, but it is still technically an infant. Fortunately, at least, I legally registered that business in 2016, so that has to count for something, right? Oh, and it remains yet another year that me and my girlfriend, technically, fianceé, are still together after so many years. There were some arguments, but hey, she's getting there, and she is still a wonderful woman (Ha, hopefully she doesn't read this).

Okay, okay, serious conversation now, about Confessions of the Professions, and where it could be headed, because you know, it has to be headed somewhere, and we try to make goals for ourselves every year. Obviously, there are tons more confessions that are coming, like hundreds, maybe even thousands more. Some I do know about, and some that I have not foreseen just yet. You still haven't sent them in yet! We have reached 1,435 confessions this year at the start of January 1, 2017.

In the beginning, we were publishing 2-3 confessions a day and at one point in our past, we would solicit for articles, and publish that many a day. We then stopped soliciting for articles, as there was no longer a need, and many emails are now submitted to our website or emailed without solicitations, except through our website and articles, but somewhere along the line, the decision was made to drop back down to publishing one article a day, probably because it was easier for myself to keep up with publication, as processing an article and infographics can be time consuming. The other reason is because supply and demand is great: Our method technically keeps people coming back. If the amount of articles and emails continues to be sent at the rate it is going, however, we will certainly return back to publishing at least two articles per day. In other words: We are getting insanely popular. This will help reduce the queue, as we would love to publish all of your amazing confessions, articles, and infographics as soon as we can.

There was something we had done with ordinary people, which was just regular Interviews, and although there were just a few, they were quite popular, so we definitely want to bring that back, but we wanted to try something new as well called Company Spotlight. This is slightly similar to interviewing a person, but rather than interviewing a person, we are interviewing companies to find out what it is like to work at a company, what a company is like, what the company purpose is, what the company goals are, and most importantly, what company culture is like. These are just a few questions that will be asked in Company Spotlight. We have already asked several companies in advance for an interview with some promising interviews that will be revealed to you in the coming year, so stay tuned. If you are a company and would like a free interview-style confession that will give you some exposure on our site, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, if you have not already noticed it, because it was technically an instant switch, we were thinking about it last year, but held off on it for a year, and this year, we went ahead and did it: we increased our font size to 16px within articles. This is not any insult to our audience, but as we, the Internet stare at a computer screen all day, there is no denying that our eye sight is just bad. It is not horrible, but it would not hurt if we increased our font size by a few pixels. Therefore, we have gone ahead and did that for our readers automatically.

We are happy to have you all as loyal readers and hope you continue to reading Confessions of the Professions in 2017!

Thank you so much for making this website possible and keeping us going! We appreciate you!

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  • Company Spotlight will focus on interviewing companies about how they operate and what they are like.
  • We are getting popular again, and in order to keep up with publishing demand, we may be considering publishing at least two articles per day.
  • We increased our font-size to 16px to help you read our articles better.
  • We are happy to have you all as loyal readers and hope you continue to reading Confessions of the Professions in 2017!