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Confessions of the Professions


10 Steps For Hiring The Right Volunteer for Your Business

Hiring The Right Volunteer for Your Business

If your business or organization needs a bit of extra help for an event or peak seasons, you might be able to get a lot of mileage simply by inviting volunteers into the….

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Goals Career Promotion

Four Career Goals Every Professional Should Make

Four Career Goals To Accomplish

Life without goals is pointless. Everyone should set some goals in his life and then strive to achieve it. That is why doesn’t matter from which section of life you belong, you have to set….

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Wild Side of Life

Hard Truths About Life I Wish I Knew Earlier

8 Hard Truths of Life

Do you remember that famous quote? “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” This line is from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth spoken by title character himself. Do you….

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Recycle Boxes

Waste Packaging Vs Traditional Packaging [Infographic]

Difference of Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are in huge demand. Almost all people & industries are use it to ship or transport products. Those traditional packaging materials are quite dangerous for our Eco system & for us also. So some….

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Accent Art and Frame 2

How Hotels Use Art to Stand Out [Infographic]

Art In Hotels

Using art in the various establishment has become a common trend these days. From office buildings and government facilities to schools, university campuses, hospitals, and even subways, art has become a way for many businesses and organizations….

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Colour Theory [Infographic]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Explained

Each one of us has a favourite colour. Let that be a toddler in arms or an old person on his death bed. Colours have played a great role in shaping up….

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Spider Web

Donald Glover Plays Unexpected Role in Spider-Man Homecoming

The Role Of Spider-Man Homecoming

Donald Glover has made himself a known figure in the world of pop-culture as an established comedian, writer, rapper and actor. The role that skyrocketed him to fame was none other than Troy Barnes of….

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Steroid Girls 1

Steroid Girls – Myths And Facts

Women and Steroids

It is widely known that bodybuilding is no longer a manly sport only. There are many women bodybuilders out there and most of them are even more serious about it than men. Even in….

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Fashion Suit

Improve Your Look With These 10 Easy Tips

Easily Improving Your Look

Whether you’re looking to step up your look or just to freshen-up on your already well-designed, these 10 essential tips for a better look are sure to bring an improvement to the way you present yourself….

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Loupe and pushpin

Tips for Effective Travel Risk Management Implementation [Infographic]

Safe Traveling Tips

Ensuring a safe, comfortable, and productive trip is crucial for many of today’s travelling employees and business leaders. With laws and regulations concerning Duty of Care becoming tighter than ever, and new travel risk emerging here and….

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