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Desperately In Love

Author: Anonymous
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I am a high school student and I am desperately in love with one of my teachers.
He is twice my age, married, and has children.
I can't get over him, I've tried so many times to but I just can't.
I don't want to love him, I really don't.
I don't even know how it started honestly.
He's very attractive, and he's got a great personality. Just..
Everything about him is wonderful.
I don't think I'll ever get over him.
I don't know what to do.

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1 Comment

  1. Hey Anonymous, thank you for your confession.

    I know it is hard to deal with the struggles of everyday life, especially in high school, where it feels like that is all your life will ever be. There is good news: It is only 4 years and then it comes to an end. And then there is going to be plenty of new things you are going to experience in your life including love found and love lost.

    You probably feel attracted to your teacher because he is an authority figure, smart, has a career, carries himself well, and is probably a handsome man who seems to have his shit together. But he is a married man, with children, and much older than you.

    You look around and you see immature teenage boys who you can't relate to and if you had a high school boyfriend, unless he is really genuine, the majority are just after you for one thing. Your teacher is mature and seems genuine which makes you feel like you love him because you admire him, though I don't think you can really love him because you have the idea and the image of him in your head, but it could be far from the actual reality, and you know that he is a good guy, but you really don't know him that well or his habits.

    Unfortunately for you, you are technically jail bait and he would be in violation of doing anything to or with you. It is best that you keep it in your fantasies. Read more about it in my article, Hot For Teacher, which was written mostly to warn female teachers getting with students, but relates to both genders.

    Dating in high school is okay for learning about boys you like or don't like, and for getting a feel for how they act and behave to determine what you like and what you are looking for or not looking for in the opposite sex, but if you hold off in dating, you may find college level may hold something even greater for you when it comes to men.

    You will find someone else just as great with a personality, who is wonderful, confident, and just himself - and you will fall in love with him. There is definitely someone out there who is going to notice you, talk to you, be shy around you, want to get to know you, and fall in love with you too.

    As for your teacher, he is just your teacher, not your lover, and he shows up to work everyday to do his job, make his paycheck, and then return home back to his wife and child.

    How do you get over him? Just know that he is at work and is a professional. Nothing more, nothing less. He is paid to teach you whatever course he is teaching. Get it in your head that he is not interested in you. I know that hurts, but again -- you are only in high school. There are going to be a few guys you are going to fall in love with, love, not love, maybe break a heart or a few, and even have your own heart broken.

    You are young and there are many great men out there. If you are patient and learn what you like, you will find the right man for you. For now, focus on your studies, get good grades, and if you want to date a few boys now, go ahead. If you get further than just dating, make sure you use protection in the forms of contraception.

    Trust me: No babies until you are nearing your 30s. You will thank yourself later because in your early to late 20s, you should be going to college, traveling, working different jobs you hate in order to find the one job you love. There is so much life to live and so much that is going to happen to you and for you. Don't make a man who really isn't emotionally or physically available to you all you want in life.

    I was crazy about a few of my teachers in high school.. some young good looking women, but again... it remained in my fantasies, and the moments just passed.. and I can't even remember their names anymore. He is just your teacher. I know that sounds cruel, but he is just doing his job and that is to make sure you learn something and get through your "high school career".

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