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How to Make the Workplace More Fun

Author: Siobhan
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For most people, work’s a grind – yet it doesn’t have to be like this. With a little imagination, enthusiasm and humour, the workplace can be a fun place to be and having fun doesn’t need to see a decrease in productivity. In fact, when your employees are enjoying themselves they are more likely to get things done and produce work to their highest standards. Not only that but we’re at work more than we are at home, so it’s important that our work life isn’t a drain and doesn’t affect our home life. Read on for simple tips on how to inject fun into your office:

Bring fun to the meeting room
Does your staff dread the weekly round-up? Company meetings don’t have to be formal to ensure that everything that needs to be discussed is. As long as you have an agenda, and stick to it, your approach can be more flexible. How about taking a softball into the office and throwing it around the group to dictate who gives their opinions next? Why not start your meeting with a quick game of hang-man on the white board or another quick and silly game that relaxes everyone before the serious talks begin.

Try fun incentives
We all know that money is the ultimate workplace incentive, but by adding small, fun incentives into the mix too you’ll encourage your teams to strive for success in even the little tasks. Set goals and objectives which can be rewarded by chocolate, cinema tickets or gift vouchers and watch as mundane business challenges are approached with a new sense of urgency and enjoyment.

Have a night off
When employees are getting along the office atmosphere is guaranteed to be more relaxed. Depending on your business sector, there may be little time to chat during working hours however, so taking time to get to know each other outside of the workplace can be hugely beneficial to making the office more fun. Invite your staff to take a social trip together, whether for sophisticated cocktails or a session at the bowling alley.

Make the environment more comfortable
If you want to make your workplace more fun, take a look around your premises and see how you can make it visually more pleasurable. A pop of bright colour is always a great way to add a vibrant and relaxed touch, whilst posters and artwork can help reflect a fun business personality. If you have the budget create a fun space for unwinding during coffee and lunch breaks, perhaps bean bags and comfy sofas with magazines and a TV. Research how companies like Google make their environment more fun - although installing a slide may not be realistic! Don’t forget to speak with your staff and find out what they would enjoy in the workplace.

Go team building
The right team building even can be thoroughly exhilarating for the whole workforce. Forget stuffy training courses that preach about working more effectively together and get your staff out to have a laugh together! You’ll find a wealth of team building excursions bookable online; from company ‘It’s a Knock Out’ events to mountainside rock climbing trips. There are even Specialist venue finding agencies out there that can organise a team building event.

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  1. Pratico Carreira says:

    I wish to say that this article is awesome and well written. Thank you for the information.

  2. Dalonzo Haddock says:

    I love the tips that you provided. Definitely will be making suggestions where I work.

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  • The workplace can be a fun place to be and having fun doesn't mean a decrease in productivity.
  • Money is the ultimate incentive, but adding fun incentives into the mix will motivate the team to success.
  • Taking time to get to know each other outside of the workplace can be hugely beneficial to making the office more fun.
  • Bright colour and artwork is a great way to add a vibrant and relaxed touch to reflect a fun business personality.