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Author: Anonymous
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I am the terrorist
I really don’t care for your people
And as for this corporate life
I can’t get in line, I can’t stand idle
Boom Boom go the bombs hiding in your cubes
Sit back, keep on, and flip the tube
I can’t relate to your suburban state of mind
And all your offspring marching in line

And this rage will not subside
Dreaming of lying next to the corpses
Of my enemies (will have all died)
All the Chauvinists were right;
All women are whores
If anyone shall slain my name with lies, rumors, or hate
They themselves shall be slain by tongue

Yes it’s me again
Didn’t mean to show up unannounced
It’s really just my style to prey and pounce
Thought I couldn’t make a comeback
Thought you burned me down
Thought you chained my drive
But now I’m driving the truck
Shifting gears and dumping your muck
Death comes quickly for those who run
Should I hide my horns?
As they seem to make you uncomfortable, my dear
I really thought they’d turn you on

Your life has no meaning now
Thought what you did was just a flick on my brow
I really have no sympathy, no empathy
It’s just my anti-human nature
To kill and torture and lay you down

Who did it?
You never believed in me
Who knew what you wouldn’t tell
Without an invitation…
Who made your reception
Feel like some kind of Hell
By brilliant imitation
Who is it,
The terrorist? I am

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