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Confessions of the Professions Adds New Adult Mature Content Warning

Confessions of the Professions Warns Readers of Mature Content

December 27, 2014 - Confessions of the Professions wishes to remain professional, but feels the filtering of content removes something from the website. Therefore, we allow content of all types on to the website, specifically, Adult Mature Content or Erotic Literature, also known as Erotica. In our efforts to ensure that readers are mature enough to know what they are reading, we have already added a "MATURE ADULT CONTENT" label to those confessions and articles we deem are intended for a mature audience. We would prefer not to have children and young teenagers read these articles, but the majority of Internet is freely open for anyone. In addition to this label, we have also added a Warning () linked to Mature Adult Content Warning page.

Erotic Literature is fictional or factual stories involving human sexuality and relationships which are intended to arouse the reader sexually. Erotica may come in the form of short-stories, novels, poetry, real-life memoirs, sexual accounts, and sex manuals.

Although we can never verify the age of someone, we have done our best to give plenty of warning to those readers who feel brave enough to navigate into the Dirty Confessions section. We have chosen not to filter or block this material from being on our website. While you will be able to find erotic literature on Confessions of the Professions, we have a strict policy to never allow adult material in the form of pornographic images or video.

We have added this warning label to ensure that readers know what they are reading instead of accidentally stumbling on the article and reading it without warning, becoming easily offended by what they have. Whether the reader has chosen to read or ignore all warnings, Confessions of the Professions and its authors cannot and will not be held accountable or reliable.

We hope you enjoy all material on Confessions of the Professions and wish for you to always know what you are reading!