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Confessions Tagged "accessibility"

American Flag

America’s Unspoken Crisis

You Get What You Settle For

For Maurice Gaines, getting to work and back took over two hours every day. He would walk from home to the subway in the morning, ride the subway to a bus route, then take….

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Handicap at Work

Internet For The Handicapped

The Forgotten Handicapped Audience

Why Your Website Needs To Accommodate The Handicapped Demographic

December 3: Disability Day, or the International Day of People with Disabilities, is a day that has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992. The aim of Disability Day….

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Important Aspect of Buying Your Home

The Important Factor In Buying Your Home

Location, Location, Location! Every real-estate agent advocates and vouches for this phrase. It was first spotted in an ad in 1926, indicating that it was already a familiar saying in Chicago. Clearly, location has been one….

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How To Become A Digital Nomad [Infographic]

Live and Work the Life You Always Dreamed as a Digital Nomad

Have you ever thought that the work that your job requires you to do could be done from anywhere in the world? Well, you’re definitely not the only….

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