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Living Room Real Housewives NJ

Discover How To Style Your Home Like a Reality Star [Infographic]

Style Your Home Like a TV Celebrity

Revered for their sense of style celebrities are renowned for their individual looks, but it may surprise you to know that it isn’t just their dress sense or the choice of car we….

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Ice Cream Cone Tissue Paper-decoration

Ice-Cream Related Interior Design [Infographic]

Ice Cream Designs

Beat the Winter Blues and keep your décor on-trend with refreshingly cool ice-cream! Iconic ice-cream cone and lollipop forms have been used by designers to create fabulous soft furnishings and accessories for your home. Ice-cream accessories can….

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Geek Cool

Geekness in Style [Infographic]

Embrace Your Geekness In Style

Embrace your inner geekiness is a wonderful graphical representation of the things that you can do to make your home décor look geeky. This infographic consists of cool examples of various accessories that you can….

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Wrapping Box

Wrapping Gifts To Kick-start The Holiday Season [Infographic]

If the holiday season is fast approaching and you find yourself becoming excited about the glittery paper and tape that you can use to pack up the gifts, you are not alone! Almost 70% of the people enjoy wrapping presents….

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