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Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance [Infographic]

Do You Really Need Comprehensive Car Insurance?

With a lot of deals available when buying a new car, comprehensive car insurance is the one that you shouldn’t miss. While having a car insurance is not fully required by the law,….

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Working Community

Six Hour Work Day [Infographic]

The Case For The Six Hour Work Day

In this day and age, most Americans are accustomed to working well over eight hours per day.  Companies often demand that employees be available around the clock, and it’s not uncommon for….

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Road Rage

How Do You Quiet Your Inner Road Rage Demon?

Battling Your Road Rage Demons

Roads are dangerous places to be. Even without all the careless or reckless drivers, straight-up accidents still happen. But what happens if something isn’t an accident? I’m talking road rage incidents. We’ve all see the….

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Cat Houses Modern Furniture Design

Stylish Design For Classy Cats [Infographic]

Classy Cats For Stylish Design

Cats are stylish, and they have panache, they are even classy. They do not have impoverished lifestyle like dogs. But every once in a while, cats disrupt the setting of various objects in our homes,….

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Work Accident

Accidents At Work [Infographic]

Accidents While At Work

With more than five thousand people dying as a result of a work-related accident last year all over Europe, it’s important to know your rights. As outlined in the infographic below, created by Hussey….

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Sleep Deprived

Off to Bed but Not to Sleep: Why You’re Still Awake [Infographic]

The problem of sleep is one that many encounter. While I find myself restful most days, there are times when I am utterly lethargic, which is a major problem if I have to get to work on time. Commuting in….

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Caution Wet Floor Sign

How to Successfully Steer Clear of These Common Workplace Accidents

Ever wonder what are some of the more common workplace accidents? Perhaps you have fallen victim to one of them? Take some time to consider these 6 workplace accidents—and how best to avoid them. You can thank us later! Repetitive….

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Remote Working From Home

The Benefits to Remote Working [Infographic]

The Benefits of Working From Home

The majority of workers travel to and from the office or workplace each day, often traveling up to 20 miles per day. This time is unpaid and can lead to stress before and after….

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Caution Sign Safety in Workplace

Health And Safety Training For Business

Each year, over 200 people are killed at work. In addition, millions more are injured and suffer ill health because of the work that they do. Accidents and illness caused at work can be costly for a business. Not only….

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Safety First

The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Are you feeling a bit tired and bored of your job? Spare a thought for these people and the dangers they have to face when they clock in for work each day. I’m not so sure these people would ever….

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