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Confessions Tagged "advancement"

Ed Tech

Education and Technology [Infographic]

Technology Transformation In The Classroom

Education is an inviting process of possibility and truth that gives time encourages to discovery.  Education is considered as deliberate, and it allows people to develop their judgment, understanding and enable particular action. Education is….

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Women Workplace

Women In the Workplace: Then Vs. Now [Infographic]

The Struggle for Women’s Workplace Advancement

In today’s society, where women have come a long way, have fought a hard battle to get where they are today; they are now managers, supervisors, bosses, and CEOs of companies. As of 2013….

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Employee Motivation

The Gender Divide: What Motivates Employees [Infographic]

Employee Motivation Among Genders

Men and women who go to work are normally after the same goals, often for some monetary compensation, and to advance in their careers. Men have their reasons for going to work and women have their….

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You're Fired

Fired or Laid Off From Your Job?

Getting Fired or Laid Off From Your Job

Just got fired or laid off from your job? Well, do not worry because you aren’t the first and only one who has been through this ordeal. This will occur particularly if….

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Dead End Sign

5 Signs That Your First Job Isn’t Worth It

Let’s face it: you spent the better part of your senior year of high school in SAT prep. courses and filling out college applications. You then dedicated four grueling years of your life to endless amounts of research papers and….

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How To Become A Tradesmen In Chicago

Becoming a tradesman is a great way to find a line of work that will almost always find a demand in society; while no job is ever 100-percent recession-proof, there is always going to be a need for those who….

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