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Porn Tech

How Porn Drove Innovation In Tech [Infographic] ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Porn and Technology

I regularly write about the topics of love, sex and relationships and I produced this infographic. It was fascinating learning about how demand for porn and erotica led to technology developing at a faster pace. Its impact….

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Eyes Wide Hush

Workplace Crush

Ok here i go… Cant talk to my friends about this so you are going to hear it… First off i am engaged to a wonderful woman that i don’t want to hurt… That being said for the last 4….

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Increase Office Productivity

Great Ways To Boost Your Office Productivity [Infographic]

Advances in technology have greatly increased the amount of information that we can process in a working day, but as those advances have occurred, our workloads have expanded. Many office workers struggle to cope with the distractions and challenges of….

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Creepy Inappropriate Boss

Worst Boss Ever

I had been looking forward to this interview all day. Never in my LIFE had I experienced an interview such as this. It started with a test .. Example: Why is a manhole round? SERIOUSLY? So they gave me this….

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Entrepreneur Business Plan

Being an Entrepreneur – My Dream Job!

When I was young, the thought of working as an entrepreneur appealed greatly to me. The list of things I’d consider doing was endless: start a PR firm, dress shop owner, pet salon owner, open a temporary employment office, day….

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