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Confessions of the Professions Merchandise!

Limited Confessions of the Professions Pens Available

Get your Confessions of the Professions pen today!….

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Dory Just Keep Writing

Confession 1500

We Have Reached 1,500 Confessions!

We definitely could have waited until we reached 2,000 confessions to write about it, but isn’t 1,500 confessions another milestone? Still going strong! You keep us going! You keep us motivated! You keep emailing and….

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Teen Street

Five Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Your parents and teachers say it to you all the time: shoot for the stars. So why not apply that sentiment when it comes to getting an after-school job? Today, there are vast opportunities for young people to become….

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Fed Up of Working for the Man? Become a Handyman!

If you’re in a job you hate there’s no reason for you to think there’s nothing else out there for you. Many individuals in the UK are carving their own careers by creating their own jobs. One of the options….

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Branding Checklist

Build Your Retail Brand and Smash the Competition

If you can build a popular brand and gain loyal customers you can succeed on the high street where others have failed. In order to make an impact and fight off the competition, both on and offline, you need to….

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