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Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing: 55 Proven Ways To Help Your Business [Infographic]

Better Business With Content Marketing

Content marketing has become the number one method to skyrocket your business. Or at least that’s what 85% of the marketers worldwide claim. Launching your products and services online is 62% cheaper than offline marketing….

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Facebook Advertising

9 Top Tips For Facebook Advertising Success [Infographic]

Facebook Advertising Strategies For Success

Whether you like it or not, advertising is an unavoidable and very important part of our consumer society. An advert provides a brand with a platform to present a service or product to their specific….

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Why Businessmen Love Golf

The Business Of Golf

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” And so did I, from birth to age 26 when I moved to New Jersey. I walked to Grammar School; took a subway to Brooklyn Technical High School; and took a….

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SEO Content Strategy

Confessions of a Freelance SEO Writer [Interview]

Interview With a Freelance SEO Writer

The Internet is a vast information center, filled with endless things to do. With it comes great opportunity for just about anything you want to do, including pursuing a job, a career, or a….

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Cokelore Santa 1942

Evolution of Christmas Ads from Coca-Cola [Infographic]

Coca-Cola Christmas Ads

Did you know that the paintings used in the mid 1900-s helped create the modern image of Santa Claus? This portly white man in a red suit that brings joy to families and friends was firstly portrayed….

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Facts About Your Favorite Brands [Infographic]

What’s Your Favorite Brand?

There are certain brands which are so deeply integrated into our modern society that we consume them daily, sometimes without even realising. Consider the likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Facebook or Google; even….

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Eco Friendly Package Design

Unique and Creative Product Packaging Designs [Infographic]

Product Packaging Unique Designs

Creative Packaging is the mix of unique designs and solutions that can help products to stand out amongst the rest. It not only increases the growth and success but at the same time it also acts….

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Psychology of the Grocery Store [Infographic]

Consumer Behavior at the Grocery Store

As many of us know, corporations like General Mills Inc. have spent years making changes to its products in efforts to increase their profits. Along with altering ingredients, these corporations have also been leveraging….

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Social Media Marketing Plan

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Advantages

Social Media Marketing has taken the digital route. Most companies now prefer communicating and interacting with their customers and consumers on the internet through social media sites, like facebook, twitter, etc. Marketing on social networks has….

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Freelancing Home

How to Find the Right Freelancing Opportunities

Opportunities in Freelancing

There are few categories of people interested in getting freelancing jobs: Full-time or part-time workers who want to make extra money in their free time; People who are between jobs; Recent graduates who are looking for their….

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