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Transformers Desert

Filmed Locations of Fictional Places [Infographic]

Films have the power to capture our imagination and sense of fantasy and wonder with ease, sometimes making us feel that we are actually there in those places. Some movies may be filmed at an exact location, such as New….

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Internet Connectivity

Internet Consumption Around the World [Infographic]

How much Internet Consumption is in your country?

The internet certainly one of the most advanced inventions of the century. We can do many things with the internet; we can connect with the world as well as we can get information we….

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Marangu Market South Africa

My Success in Cape Town South Africa

My life took some strange turns, but it all worked out for the better in the end. This is my story that started in the year 1995. My small family huddled together on a chilly spring morning at the train….

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