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Workspace Future

How the World of Work is Changing [Infographic]

The Ever-Changing Workplace

In ten years time, it is estimated that 60% of job titles will be previously unheard of. Such startling progress is just one symptom of a culture of change in the workplace: the past half-century has shown….

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Recruitment Agencies

Working With Recruitment Agents

How To Work With Recruitment Agents

For many of us, seeking out new employment means different things. Most will search in the area in which they already reside, whereas others will look a bit further afield, probably found through some….

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Private Intelligence

Consultant In The Private Intelligence Industry [Interview]

Work In the Private Intelligence Sector

Almost every job that is given to us, we can almost always do with ease after some training, education, or experience. We may or may not know the information up front, but we research, gather, analyze, collect,….

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What You Must Know Before Hiring A Private Detective

The job of a private investigator or private detective is quite glamorous and risky. When you watch fictional private investigator series on television, you see those detectives who have seen and done it all. However, in real life, their job….

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SEO Digital Marketing Agency

State of SEO Agencies 2014 [Infographic]

SEO: Valuable Insights Into A Changing Online Marketing Environment

Over the last years SEO has evolved from an independent discipline to part of a symbiotic online marketing approach. Content marketing and online PR have conquered the land of search engine….

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Central Quest

Confessions of a Love Guru [Interview]

Finding love presents a great challenge for most of us and with it comes a lot of pain and heartbreak. Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things anyone can do.  Sometimes you will meet great success, but….

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Secret Santa


About twenty years ago, when I still possessed the vitality of youth, I signed up with a kissogram agency. One of my first gigs was to play Santa Claus to the women who worked in the human resources department of a….

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Job Seeking

A Job Seekers Essential Tools

Essential Toolkit For Getting Back To Work

Finding a job in today’s market is hard work. But you can make your life a little easier by using all the tools at your disposal in order to find the job you….

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Blue Planet Project

Confessions from the Blue Planet Project

If you think that we are alone in the Universe, you are wrong. You might think this is all something out of a science fiction movie such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or something from The Twilight Zone. The….

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Hawaii Home

What It Takes To Sell Real Estate In The ‘Aloha State’

So, you’re thinking about getting into real estate!  It can be a very rewarding career; and if you are a self-starter, future-focused, possess leadership qualities, are willing to become tech savvy, and are a problem solver, you can make it….

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