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Cost Of Moving To Become A Homeowner [Infographic]

From Renting To Owning Moving Costs

It might seem that renting is a great idea for a while, until the day comes when you decide you want to become a homeowner. You cruise the neighborhood, you might search some Internet….

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Business Travel Industry Worldwide

Top Courses In Travel And Tourism For A Bright Career

The travel and tourism industry has become one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing industries. There are a huge number of career opportunities in this industry involving areas like travel consultancy, marketing, human resources, hotel management, tour planning….

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Fear of Flying

How To Work In Aviation If You’re Afraid Of Flying

For people with a love for aviation, there is no greater feeling of freedom than soaring through the blue skies. However, for some who have a fear of flying a career in aviation may seem like a lost cause. But….

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Real Estate

Why Is Real Estate A Good Career?

Our real estate market has hit some bumps in the road, but that happens to everything when the economy goes under. If you are researching a career in the real estate field, maybe these reasons will help you out on….

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Author Novelist


I consider myself very lucky in my work, I get to help aspiring authors get their novels up to a publishable standard and, hopefully get an agent. My company is the biggest literary editorial agency in the UK, it’s called….

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