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Big Data Analytics Research

Big Data Analytics [Infographic]

Public and Private Sector Problem Solving with Big Data Analytics

Thanks to digital technology, humans are now able to generate and gather billions upon billions of data on everything from personal health monitoring to business analytics. Yet all of this….

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Google 2014

Recap of Google’s Sweet 16th Anniversary

In Honor of Google 16th – September 2014

Throughout the month of September 2014, we published articles, infographics, and ebooks related to Google, Google tips, and ways Google can help your business, in honor of the 16th anniversary of the founding of….

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Google No Comment

Alternatives to Using Google

A Google-Free Internet Experience

After a month of celebrating Google’s Sweet 16th birthday in September and anniversary of its founding, in the form of many articles all about Google and how it can help you and your business, you may be….

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I Love Google

45 Reasons To Love Google [Ebook]

Both from personal and professional angles, I love Google. It is the entrepreneur’s dream come true. Most of Google technology truly addresses the needs of the user and Google has vision and foresight about what its customers will need in….

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Guide [Ebook]

When a company sets up their website, it would seem they are done and ready to go. However, there is still more to do when it comes to a company website. Tests, trials, experiments to see what attracts visitors, what….

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Analytics Review

Google Analytics Tracking

Any corporation would pay millions of dollars to collect data and understand the behavior of their customers. That data would then be used to calculate how the corporation should act, what it is doing right and what it is dong….

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Google Birthday

Celebrating Google

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Google!

Google was incorporated on September 4th, 1998. It may have been “founded” a month earlier or a few months earlier, and certainly was in the brainstorming stages for at least a year at Stanford University, where….

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Internet Space

Internet of Everything [Infographic]

Understanding the Internet of Things: Towards a Smart Planet

Now-a-days we can’t imagine a world without Internet of Things (IoT) which is known as Internet of Everything (IoE). Most of the global population is dependent on IoT to get help in their….

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Sponsors Small and Big Dollars

Nine Tips For Attracting Bigger Sponsors

Nine Ideas for Attracting Bigger Sponsors

Hosting a conference is definitely a big deal. It also involves a wide range of difficult tasks, including the finding of big sponsors. When it comes to finding such sponsors, there are several tips….

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