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Sekonda Seksy Wrist Wear Pink Strap and Dial Fashion Watch

Top 10 Brands for Women’s Wrist Watches [Infographic]

Top 10 Branded Watches For Women

While the standard is that men are mostly the ones who love their watches, there are many women who still obsess and are fascinated over gorgeous watches. Whether just using it to tell time….

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Harley Davidson Woman Jacket Back

The Ultimate Women’s Jacket

Women’s Harley Davidson Jacket

There are those people who follow the leads of others and then there are people who make their own way and make people follow them. Now, the question is: which person would you want to be?….

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Kaseesh Peach Anarkali Suit Set In Georgette Material

Women’s Day: The Way You Dress [Infographic]

This Women’s Day The Insider Guide To Enhance Self Confidence In The Way You Dress

There were times when even the great leaders experience a drop in self-confidence. And that’s okay, because self-confidence can be developed. Anyone can gain the….

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Dressed Interview

Job Interview and Your Appearance [Infographic]

Myths or Rules for Job Interviewing and Your Appearance

After mastering the applications, resumes, and cover letters, the phone calls and emails for interviews and meetings start coming in. You’ve researched commonly asked interview questions and prepared your best quality….

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Woman Shaving Bathtub

The Cost of Shaving for Women [Infographic]

No Shave November For Women

In a previous article I wrote, I discussed Why Men Shave in accordance with No Shave November. There is no reason why the rule cannot apply to….

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Company Meetings

Get Anxious At Company Meetings? Try These Five Tips

Do company meetings make your palms sweat and your heart race? For many people, meetings can be an incredibly stressful situation, especially if they will be speaking in front of a group. Perhaps you fear seeming unknowledgeable, or you just….

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Public Speaking Microphone

Three UK Speakers whose Story Matters

Choosing a speaker for your conference or event is a vital part of the planning that can mean the difference between success and failure for the whole occasion. The right speaker will bring a gathering of any theme to life….

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