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Job Search Promo

Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed [Infographic]

Get Noticed By Your Target Company

For sure many of us, prior to graduating in college, already have a company in mind whom we aspire to work for someday. However, with the over-saturation of the job market today, it can….

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Securing Box Tape

Guide For Choosing Perfect Packaging Tape [Infographic]

Using The Right Packaging Tape

Whenever we are talking about any sort of packaging, then a crucial thing that is widely used and help to make your products and Cardboard boxes secure is a Packaging Tape.  If you want your product….

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How to Beat Online Job Application Systems and Get Hired Faster

Get Hired Fast!

In recent years, many companies, both large and small, have turned to automated programs to handle the recruitment process. This may seem a bit scary to some job seekers, since their applications are not reviewed by humans…..

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Six Tools For Web Developers

Do You Know These 6 Awesome Tools Of Web Developers?

Developing a well-rounded aesthetically pleasing website can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned web developer. You must identify current trends and standards and determine ways to incorporate….

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Resume Fraud

Facts About Lies In Resume [Infographic]

Lying in Resumes

Recruiters, who look through hundreds of resumes and CVs every day, know that there are many facts in application documents that were exaggerated or even falsified. The reason why job seekers use this method of self-presentation is clear…..

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8 Reasons Why HR Cares To Know More About Your Background

Why do employers want to know more about your background? Why are background checks a required component of most employment screening process? Don’t the resume, the job application, and the interview say everything that needs to be said about an….

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Selfie-Gif Applications For Android and iOS

If you are as crazy as me about pictures, videos, images and animations, than please don’t stop here. It is time that I bring you into a world fire for every photo-crazy person out there. The world of the selfie-gif!….

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Blast Room

Successful Businesses Need Time and Patience to Grow

With the rise of internet billionaires and lucky developers whose simple apps go viral and earn them thousands of dollars or pounds in the process, many entrepreneurs are hoping that their idea will turn into big business overnight, but for….

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Background Checking

Preparing for Employment Background Verification

What You Need To Know About Preparing for Employment Background Verification

You have recently made it through an employer list of candidates! Before the employer provides you with the offer letter, the company wants to conduct a background verification. Your….

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PDF Solution: Able2Extract by InvestinTech

This is my personal review and opinion of a program that I came across. As a web developer, it is important that I be able to convert PDF documents into other formats on the fly. Why is this important? Have….

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