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Accent Art and Frame 2

How Hotels Use Art to Stand Out [Infographic]

Art In Hotels

Using art in the various establishment has become a common trend these days. From office buildings and government facilities to schools, university campuses, hospitals, and even subways, art has become a way for many businesses and organizations….

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Battle of the Bedrooms: Batman vs. Superman [Infographic]

Batman vs. Superman Bedrooms

Batman vs. Superman is being released today on March 25th, the movie lovers, the comic book lovers, the nerds, are all excited to see these iconic characters, face-off each other for the very first time in….

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Shoe Fetish

Embrace Your Shoe Fetish [Infographic]

An Infographic for Shoe Obsession

This infographic shows how people with a passion for shoes have incorporated them their homes, with a range of gorgeous shoe-stylised furniture and home accessories. Furniture designers have used shoe-forms to make incredible looking pieces….

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Erawan Museum

Museums Around The World [Infographic]

Museums Around the World Worth Visiting

Museums are often seen as a place of quiet reflection, interchangeable locations filled with priceless wonders, but that often isn’t the case. This infographic from Bracken Foam….

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Mona Lisa Heist

Steals of the Century [Infographic]

History’s Priceless Stolen Items

Some of the greatest heists of all time have taken place in the past decade of history. As security measures become more heightened, thieves and criminal gangs get even bolder. Some of the most confounding and….

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Children Dance Class

Dance for Fun. Learn it and Enjoy it!

Dance is all about tunes, grooves, moves, music, and fun. It is a feeling that makes you feel elated. Dancing is a great way for a child to get energetic and develop physical co-ordination skills, strength, focus, and concentration. Dancing….

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Digital Camera Photography

Career in Photography

Exploring Photography as a Career Option

One of the offbeat career options, photography can turn out to be a creatively satisfying career option for those who are driven by passion. Read the following post to know more about career in….

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Nursing Assisted Care Home

The Care Home of the Future [UK] [Infographic]

The experts claim that the number of people with more than 65 years old is expected to increase 90 percent by 2050, in the United Kingdom and in the entire world. This means that, in less than four decades, the….

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Manicurist Nails

How To Become A Manicurist

Are you a social person who enjoys working with your hands? Do you have an artistic touch which could be used to help people, and are you interested in cosmetology related line of work? If so, becoming….

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Productivity Next Exit

Successful Tips For Improving Your Productivity

Productivity is one of the key ingredients for success. Being productive is a method by which you can devote your life and business to. Increasing your productivity can enrich your life in several ways. Furthermore, productivity is a common attribute….

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