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Students Cheating

Inside The Cheater’s Mind: Why Do Students Cheat?

The Students Who Cheat

A concept that has existed since tests and examinations were introduced to the educational system, cheating is a practice that people, especially students, are infamous for. In regards to why these students cheat, you wouldn’t be….

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Intelligence Agents

Caught in the Right Foot

I was a guy who hailed from a orthodox family and was brought up in discipline and all kinds of mannerisms. From childhood I was injected with nation growth and patriotism. Due to all this kind of upbringing, I decided….

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Marriott Hotel

The Marriott

I used to work at a hotel, that before a buffoon took over, proudly flew the Marriott Flag. Through pure circumstances, that being that no one else was available for the position, a former Holiday Inn/former Roy Rogers manager was….

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Police Agent

The Unseen Life Of An Undercover Police Agent

I wanted to share some light on what its like to be an undercover police agent and confess the hardships and unseen real life encounters that are faced. I can’t reveal my name because I still work undercover but I….

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