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Writing Under Pressure

Timed Essays: Top 7 Tips for Writing Academic Papers Under Pressure

Tips For Writing Under Pressure

Source: Writing is one of the most common assignments students get these days. They come along with in-depth research and ability to be persuasive. However, despite the fact that this task….

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Speak English

What Is Really Killing The English Language?

Suppose we are clear that we want to learn English “definitively”, stop being once the eternal apprentice English, give a great boost to our learning up leaving a few months abroad. We might think that is enough to have enough….

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Nurses Heart

Vital Role Of Nurses In The Delivery Of Affordable Care [Infographic]

The Vitality Of Nurses

The U.S. healthcare sector will employ 3.2 million nurses by 2022. Presently, 6% of nurses care for one patient, whereas 11% care for three patients. Moreover, 13%, 16%, 17%, and 18% of nurses care for six,….

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Creative Writing

Deals Clients Obtain From Academic Assistants is a professional essay writing service in the field of academic assistance. Hardly surprising customers who are  trying to find academic help decide to turn to them. You are free buy any type of homework….

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Dell Computer Keyboard

Today I Cleaned My Keyboard

A Dirty Keyboard Filled With Everything

When I arrived at my office job on the first day, almost everything seemed new. The job supplied me with a 20 inch monitor, a laptop docking station, great speakers, and good bass headphones,….

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Google Drive

Google Drive for Everything

When I was in college, I had been using my USB drive for everything. I would write a paper on the computer in the library until the library closed, saved any work I did on to the USB drive, unplugged my USB….

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Freelance Writer

Glamorous Life of a Freelance Writer

Oh, the life of a freelance writer! I’ll admit it seemed glamorous, at first. After all, you get to pick and choose your clients, you can work whenever you want, you can work wherever you want, and at the end….

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Tim's Cascasde Chips

Day in the Life: Tim’s Cascade Chips

There was a time in my life when every day was a totally new and sometimes wonderful experience. I had come home from California to Seattle, because my grandmother was in ICU. My parents had brought a RV van over….

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Content Freelance Article Writing

The Story of a Content Freelance Writer

It often happens in life that you think of doing something but end up doing completely the opposite. While a lot of people may regret it, I don’t. I had always wanted to become an engineer and my parents knew….

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Threesome in the Office


In my twenties, there was a short period of time when I had to resort to temporary work in order to get by. On one assignment, I was the only guy working for this company, which hired me and two….

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