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10 Most Attractive Designer Sneakers for Women [Infographic]

Designer Sneakers For Women

Every woman loves her sneakers. It is the type of shoes that is wearable at any events. Sneakers are the sporty shoes for women. Try these 10 sneaker shoes that are the best to wear and….

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Hit on Someone

The Worst Places To Hit On Someone [Infographic]

Don’t Hit On Someone In These Places

There is a time and a place for everything. For those of us who happen to be single and looking, there are plenty of opportune places to find someone we may like, get….

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Rent Investment Property 3

Rent Your Investment Property Quicker with These Foolproof Ways

Renting Investment Property

When you invest in real estate, there are numerous factors that might affect your decisions. There are numerous aspects to consider in time such as deciding whether it might be better to sell new properties or rent….

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French Maid Outfit


I work for a marketing firm and my boss is a 28 year-old woman that is very attractive.  I have been working with this agency for about 14 months.  About 8 months ago, the boss approached me and wanted to….

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No Beards at Work

Why Men Shave [Infographic]

No Shave November

As a man with the dexterity in genetics to grow a beard, I take pride in my beard when I am able to grow it, though growing a beard takes time, energy, and patience. For example, it….

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Teacher Student Feelings

Desperately In Love

I am a high school student and I am desperately in love with one of my teachers. He is twice my age, married, and has children. I can’t get over him, I’ve tried so many times to but I just….

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Sexy Businesswoman on Laptop


There is nothing more distracting than sexy beautiful women. Sexy beautiful women with boobs. Sexy beautiful women with a gorgeous ass. This is not to say that you are completely distracting us from our work, and even if you are, thank you!….

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Digital Printing

What Is The Importance Of Printing In Marketing?

Marketing is so important to the success of any business and one of the most important ways of marketing is with large scale poster and flyer printing. This is the best way to ensure that your company gets noticed in….

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Symmetrical Attraction

The Psychology of Attraction: How Do We Capture Attention? [Infographic]

How does symmetry impact your visual marketing efforts? Symmetry, along with color and shape, are the key elements determining whether a visual display, whether a poster, graphic banner, or trade show display, are attention-grabbing or cringe-worthy. Colors are a pretty….

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How To Create An Attractive Personal Profile As A Professional

If you are looking into adding more online presence as an aspiring writer or designer, there are multiple different platforms for showcasing your talent and skills. One aspect of a successful online presence is that your personal profile is something….

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