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SEO Google Trends

Top 8 SEO Trends In 2017 [Infographic]

Watch Out For These SEO Trends in 2017

The term “ever-changing” is common in many industries, and the same holds true in the SEO industry. Throughout the span of years, a lot of growths and variations have transpired in this….

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Linkedin Stats Facts

LinkedIn Facts and Stats [Infographic]

Statistics and Facts About LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become one of the most important networking sites for professionals. On an international scale, 313 millions are using the website (and counting). So whether you’re looking for job or networking opportunities, as well….

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Good Boss Acknowledgement

Are You A Good Boss? [Infographic]

Traits Of A Good Boss

The first rule of being a good boss is self-awareness. If you work long hours, skip vacations and are first in/last out of the office each day, it will soon become a routine, regardless of….

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Nursing Staff

Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and MD

What’s the Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and an MD?

Once upon a time — and not so long ago — the difference between a doctor and a nurse was clear. Doctors and nurses each wore their own unique uniforms….

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Interview Questions

Interview Questions That Are Designed To Trick You

Interview Trick Question 1: What would you have changed in your old job? This is not the time to complain about your former boss. Instead, describe the situations that annoy you in your job and focus on what could have been….

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The Shortcutts

What Matt Cutts of Google Wants

Matt Cutts Wants What Google Wants

In a previous article, I discussed What Google Wants. In this article, I was curious to figure out what Matt Cutts wants, and often times, when Google does something….

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Professionalism in Court

40 Courtroom Television Lessons

The Lessons of Courtroom Trial Television Shows

I often avoided watching courtroom trial television shows until recently, but once I started watching them, I realized the important values they taught. Shows like Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and Steve Wilkos do….

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Linkedin Business

How To Use LinkedIn For Business [Ebook]

LinkedIn is a social network with over 100 million users that allows you to network professionally, list your resume publicly online, find jobs, and establish professional connections with hundreds of people from many different occupations. LinkedIn is kept more professional….

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The Obsolete Man

The Obsolete Man

A Look into the Value of Humanity and Mankind

Imagine a world run by a totalitarian state, a world where dictators have the power to end life as they please, to determine how the world runs, what jobs are important,….

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Social Media Book Advertising Marketing

Book Advertising With Article Marketing

Authors who have new books are always on the lookout for new ways of book advertising. They are aware that there are many people who might be interested in their books, but the question that always comes up is, “How….

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