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Stop Email Spam

Confessions of the Professions Spam Email

The Spam of Confessions of the Professions

A realistic observation into the amount of spam most companies and websites get might seem unrealistic, but spam email accounts for 86% of all the email sent globally. This means….

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Banked Owned Homes 1

Bank-owned Homes: Pros And Cons To Buy Them

Pros and Cons To Bank-Owned Houses

Every person feels the need to have a personal space to live in sooner or later. Sometimes living in a rented space no longer brings the benefits you want so you may feel like….

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How Long Would It Take To Become A Millionaire? [Infographic]

When Will You Be A Millionaire?

Let’s face it, we have all sat around with a group of friends and imagined what it would be like to become a millionaire. The scenario often involves winning the lottery and how on earth….

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Bank Robbery Figure

Criminal Minds [Infographic]

For criminals, there are no crimes perhaps more enticing than bank robbery. The fame, notoriety, and financial rewards of robbing a bank are enough to entice hackers, gunmen and even politicians into attempting to rob a bank. Some of these….

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Free Money Trap

Will You Fall For a Nigerian Email Scam?

Getting Scammed May Be Easier Than You Think

Scammers have been around long before the Internet even existed, with con-men going into people’s homes with a sob story about a long lost relative, a charity, or any organization that….

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Antwerp Diamond Heist

Most Expensive World Heists [Infographic]

The world of heists and robberies is intriguing; historically, some involving elaborate plots, while others were executed with simple plans. Some robberies involved a group of people, while others involved one or two people. There were even plots by leaders….

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Hacker User Interface

Hacker Hunters In-Demand [Infographic]

Learn about a Career in Cyber Security

You probably seen them on the television, often times having a bad reputation of taking over the world’s computers, stealing account information from bank computers, or downloading a virus into any unsuspecting victim….

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DMV Department of Motor Vehicle

The DMV hates you too

I agree that the DMV sucks. But the main reason the DMV sucks, is because of the people who go there. It’s the same with the post office, bank, car rental agency, airport, etc. See, when I’m in line at….

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Data Entry Clerical

Quitting Time

I had worked at a company for over 3 years. The job was alright – clerical, administrative nothing overly demanding. At one point I became friends with one of the employees. When it got back to the owner, it had….

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