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Silver Bar 1kg

How to Test Silver Bars at Home? [Infographic]

Testing Silver Bars

Gold and silver are among the most valuable metals in the world. Silver was used as a currency during the Age of Exploration. It is also mentioned in the Bible as a valued currency and it is….

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Angel Shot

Clubs and Bars: Adopting Safety Measures For Women

Keep Women Safe In Your Bar or Club

For many people, the bar or a club is a place they go to meet people or just have fun and hang out. Sometimes they meet their friends for a “Girl’s Night….

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Security Club-Bouncer

Can I See Your ID?

I am a doorman at a neighborhood bar. This is not a high-security establishment. There are no earpieces or metal detectors. Just me, a bar stool, and my crossword puzzle. It’s my job to sit here for 10 hours straight….

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3 Steps To Help You Climb The Hospitality Ladder

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know that success in the field comes from a specific combination of personality, talent and experience. Deciding to remain in the field or use your acquired skills to pursue a similar path….

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After Work Drinks with Co-Workers

How Not To Drink With Colleagues At Work

I work with one of the top reputed financial banks in USA. I had recently got my masters in Business Finance and was like a baby in the corporate world. All I knew was that I had to come on….

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Office Sex Confessions


I was so looking forward to winter break and getting to visit England to work for William. We had been planning this trip since fall had turned to winter. It would be a nice treat to get away from it….

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Barista Bartender

Secrets of the Barista

As a part time job, I used to work in a bar which had an underground restaurant which only opened in winter. The bar was elegant and I enjoyed working there since everyone liked me and I gave great service…..

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