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Battle of the Bedrooms: Batman vs. Superman [Infographic]

Batman vs. Superman Bedrooms

Batman vs. Superman is being released today on March 25th, the movie lovers, the comic book lovers, the nerds, are all excited to see these iconic characters, face-off each other for the very first time in….

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Family Dinner

No Fighting With Family [Challenge]

Born Into Family Without a Choice

Life is pretty interesting when you think about it. If you are the typical believer in a soul, than every soul gets a human body, and is born into this life. It takes the….

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Mechanic Works on Air Force Aircraft

Football Panel of Death!

Charlie and I stared at the cold exposure chart that was conveniently placed on the hangar door. “So how long should we be outside Charlie? You know I can’t tell what this Celsius stuff means” “Well Sanchez, it says depending….

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