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Green Home Office Design

How Colours Affect Your Mood [Infographic]

Colours And Your Mood

If you are considering redecorating your house, workplace or any other property you are probably thinking about which colours would work best. You might have an idea that a nice bright colour would bring some life….

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Battle of the Bedrooms: Batman vs. Superman [Infographic]

Batman vs. Superman Bedrooms

Batman vs. Superman is being released today on March 25th, the movie lovers, the comic book lovers, the nerds, are all excited to see these iconic characters, face-off each other for the very first time in….

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Blue White Orange Bright Colorful Bedroom

Bedroom Colours? What It Says About You [Infographic]

It isn’t often that psychologists and interior designers can be brought together, but when it comes to learning what the colour of your bedroom says about you, they definitely have something in common. Many of us probably don’t give too….

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