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Moving Away From Home

Moving House Checklist [Infographic]

Be Prepared for Moving With This Checklist

Moving home can be a discouraging and labour intensive task if you are disorganised. This infographic offers a checklist to work through, helping to ensure that you don’t forget even the smallest of….

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Michael Jackson Casket

Top Earners in Death

Death is the end of all things, or is it? We know that when we die, we take nothing into the afterlife with us. We hope we take our memories with us, but even that is uncertain. The Ancient Egyptians….

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Just Got Fired

I Got Fired Today

I walked into work this morning at about 8:53 this morning and was surprisingly greeted by my V.P. I thought to myself, “That’s odd… I didn’t even know he knew I still work here?” He asked me if I knew what….

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Obnoxious Co-workers

I honestly can’t stand you

The one thing that really bothers me at work is when people get all in my space. I have my area very clean and I take care of the tools that were given to me to complete my work. I….

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