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The Office Crush

Author: Ans Awais
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I worked for a company with great repute. I was single at that time and I was looking to hook up with someone but I didn't have courage to ask my office crush out whom I liked in the office. After almost a month, I worked up the courage to do something about it so I wrote a sweet compliment on a piece of paper and left it for her when she was not at her desk. When she returned and settled back at her desk, she suddenly seemed very surprised to find the note and a very cute smile appeared on her face. She was searching around for the one who left that note but she never became aware that I was the one who left it.

The next day I did the same thing and at the end I wrote my email address but it was made of anonymous name. I was still scared of her reaction if she came to know who I was. A few days later, I received an email from her insisting that I tell her who I was and asking why I left notes, so I replied telling her that I really liked her. After that we kept on chatting with each other through email. For two months, we kept on emailing each other and all the while, she kept insisting on meeting. She made efforts to be cautious of her gestures and never get angry at anyone in the office because she didn't know who her secret admirer was.

An incident happened which changed my life forever when we were exchanging emails. She was sitting at her desk, where I could see her clearly but she had her back me. We were teasing each other through our emails and she was laughing and I was smiling and trying my hardest not to laugh out loud. Suddenly she move towards me and noticed that I was laughing little bit but I was not aware that she noticed I was laughing.

A few days passed and she emailed saying that she knew who I was and she threatened that she was going to report to the manager that I was harassing her. She said they would check everyone's email and find out who was emailing her. I felt so much tension. I begged her not to do that but I was foolish enough to not realize that she was bluffing. I demanded that if she would "drop the case" and not tell the manager, I would meet her at some place outside the office.

So now came the time where I would finally reveal my identity. We decided on a place and time to meet on the weekend. I drove to the place and saw her sitting there, at a table in a café, she looked at me with that cute smile on her face and I was so nervous, but after she continued to smile, I felt more relaxed. I was surprised to learn that she liked me too and that she was just as shy to express to me her feelings. She said she had realized who it was after a few days but kept the fact that she knew she was my office crush a secret because she enjoyed our emails. She found them exciting and thought that she could learn who I truly was by letting me think I was really anonymous.  We began dating and after a year we got married and now I am living a happy life and we both love each other a lot. Whenever we tell people about this story, they laugh and love the story of how we met.

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  1. mindgawker says:

    Aww I am a sucker for a happy ever after.

  2. Mr. Bahn says:

    This was a beautiful story. You have to have confidence in life to get what you want. The good communication between you and your crush really is the secret to a great relationship. I am glad everything worked out for you. I hope you two are together forever!

  3. Tamara Hubot says:

    I kissed a boy I really liked in front of the entire office once. It was passionate and we got applause from everyone. It was crazy like a scene in a movie.

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  • I was single but I didn't have courage to ask my office crush out whom I liked in the office.
  • I wrote a sweet compliment on a piece of paper and left it for her when she was not at her desk.
  • I gave her my email address anonymously and we emailed each other for two months, but she kept insisting we meet.
  • She told me she would tell on me if I didn't tell her who I was.
  • We agreed to meet somewhere and I was so nervous, but she smiled and I felt relaxed.
  • She said she had realized who it was after a few days but kept it a secret. We have been together ever since.