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Top 10 Casio Watches for Men under £30 [Infographic]

Author: Andrew Collins
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Designer Watches For Men


Want to buy branded watches at cheap price? Casio is the famous brand that deals with electronic items and it is popular for its quality watches. Some Casio watches are available at cheap rate.

Here is the list of top 10 Casio men’s watches that you can buy under £30:

1. Casio MQ-24-7BLL analogue watch

This Casio MQ-24-7BLL watches are made to suite masculine wrist. It has high accuracy of time.

2. Casio A158WA-1DF micro light alarm watch

The Casio A158WA-1DF watches have microlight, daily alarm as well as auto calendar functions.

3. Casio CA53W-1Z digital 8-digit calculator watch

These Casio CA53W-1Z model watches include inbuilt 8-digitl calculator. It also has dual time; hourly time signal etc. specifications.

4. Casio MTP-1095Q-1B analogue watch

The specifications of Casio MTP-1095Q-1B model watches are: - Bezel Material, mineral glass, analogue pattern with strap of black color.

5. Casio MTP-V001GL-1BUDF watches for men

The Casio model MTP-V001GL-1BUDF watch comes with analogue 3-Hands brown leather strap & golden Arabic numbers.

6. Casio CA-56-1DF Digital Calculator Chronograph watch

These Casio CA-56-1DF model watches has special countdown timer function. These are sporty watches.

7. Casio MTP-1093Q-9B watches

The Casio MTP-1093Q-9B model watch has water resist capacity. It has mineral glass, regular timekeeping etc.

8. Casio CA-506-1DF watch

These Casio CA-506-1DF digital watches have inbuilt calculator, quartz movement & alarm functionalities.

9. Casio W-734-1AVEF calculations watch

These Casio W-734-1AVEF model watches have the functions of time & distance calculations and LED backlight.

10. Casio A159WGEA-9ADF watches

Casio A159WGEA-9ADF model watches have specifications of resin glass, daily alarm, micro light etc.

Top 10 Casio Watches for Men under £30 [Infographic]

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Casio is the most popular brand of wrist watches and clocks. These watches impress many souls. They are ideal gift to your man without a doubt. The price of these watches are less than 30 pounds ($40).

  1. Casio MQ-247BLL analogue watch: known as the modernity of twenty first century fashions. Designed to suit masculine wrist. It also has the +/- 20 seconds per month accuracy.
  2. Casio A158WA-1DF micro light alarm watch: net time, split time, and 1st-2nd place times. Includes daily alarm, microlight, and automatic calendar functionalities.
  3. Casio CA53W-1Z digital 8-digit calculator watch: inbuilt 8-digit calculator with the added features of daily alarm, automatic calendar, dual time, battery of 5 years life, and hourly time signal.
  4. Casio MTP-1095Q-1B analogue men's watches: 100% authentic. Includes mineral glass, Pdplated case or Bezel Material, original leather band, analogue pattern, and black strap.
  5. Casio MTP-V001GL-1BUDF men's watches: for casual dress, with analogue 3-hands brown leather scrap. Adds the quartz movement round golden case with black dial and golden Arabic numbers.
  6. Casio CA-56-1DF Digital Calculator Black Silver Chronograph watch: classic stopwatch and countdown timer function, good for any sport. Includes some extra features such as hourly time signal, daily alarm, calculator, and auto calendar.
  7. Casio Model MTP-1093Q-9B watch: includes leather strap and water resist capacity. Mineral glass, date display, regular timekeeping, analogue pattern with three hands for hour and seconds, etc.
  8. Casio Model CA-506-1DF watches: inbuilt digital calculator, day, date, calendar, and alarm functions. It is a bracelet sports watch. Quartz movement, black dial color, silver band color makes it beautiful.
  9. Casio W-734-1AVEF with time & distance calculations watch: time and distance available with LED backlight feature. Also has night time runs, black resin band, 60 lap memory, 10 year battery life, etc.
  10. Casio A159WGEA-9ADF men's watch: quartz movement, resin glass, water resistant, daily alarm, battery life approx 7 years on CR2016, micro-light, adjustable buckle, etc.


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