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How To Track Sales Leads In Social Media

Author: Allan Bermuda
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How Social Media Track Sales Leads

How To Track Sales Leads In Social MediaIn these contemporary times, social media has developed an increasingly prevalent presence in the online world. While some individuals make use of social media platforms for personal purposes, more and more businesses have begun using them to market their products and services. In the process of doing so, it is important that these businesses track the sales leads they gain through social media. While doing so may seem like an overwhelming process, asking three simple questions can make the process of tracking sales leads in social media very simple:

1. Where Did Your Leads Come From?

The first part of the lead tracking process should include determining where the leads came from. This is important because determining which social platforms generated the most leads can help you streamline your marketing efforts such that you are only putting time, energy, and money into ventures that have proven themselves to be effective. In short, it would be wise for you to determine which platforms are producing the most leads so you can begin posting ads and other promotional data within those media outlets.

(In addition to determining where the sales lead itself came from, you should take the time to determine which staff member interacted with the lead in terms of information given or assistance provided. Attaining this data can help you assess the role that your individual team members are playing in securing leads.)

2. How Many Leads Are Resulting In Sales?

While gaining information regarding the source from which your sales leads came is important, determining how many of them result in actual sales is also critical. Doing so will be helpful to you for numerous reasons, including the fact that you may discover a higher rate of leads-to-purchase transfers from specific social media platforms. If this is the case, you may find that investing more time and energy into promotions within certain social media outlets yields greater profits than marketing through several channels. To make the process of tracking leads that result in sales most efficient, be sure to follow the number of chances there were to close a sale from a social media platform.

3. Why Aren't My Leads Turning Into Sales?

In addition to determining which social media platforms are generating the most sales, you should take time to carefully reflect on why some of your leads are not resulting in sales. Several factors could be at play, including advertising mechanisms that do not clearly articulate the services and products that you offer in a manner that makes the consumer want to buy. If this is the case, you may find that making adjustments to the content from your website solves the problem. In many cases, you may find that the reasons your leads aren't turning into sales are beyond your control. This is still helpful information to acquire, however, as it enables you to understand your business as it relates to the world of marketing and social media.


Although tracking sales leads in social media may seem like a difficult task, it doesn't have to be. By asking yourself the aforementioned questions, you enable yourself to effectively gauge the efficacy of your marketing efforts through social media platforms.

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Allan Bermuda works at a NJ negotiations training company. He enjoys blogging about different sale techniques, leadership development tips, and different business news.

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  • Social media has developed an increasingly prevalent presence in the online world.
  • Lead tracking can help determine which social platforms generated the most leads can help you streamline your marketing efforts.
  • Determining how many leads were actual sales will help to discover which social media platforms yield greater profits.
  • Be sure to follow the number of chances there were to close a sale from a social media platform.
  • Carefully review factors for why a lead did not become a sale, including advertising mechanisms, content adjustments, and website acessibility.