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Weird Degrees and Jobs [Infographic]

Author: Best Masters Degrees
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We all know that there are weird jobs out there, but few people know what they are or how to meet their qualifications. For most of these jobs, you need a master’s degree with a certain leaning. For example, having a degree that leans towards event tourism lets you become a convention director. Here are a few weird jobs that you can get with special degrees.

Bowling Alley Manager

This isn’t really a weird job, but it’s weird that you need a master’s degree for it. You will need a master's of professional studies in sports industry management degree to qualify for this job. The degree costs $34,000, which is roughly the same as the annual salary.

Since the salary is fairly low compared to the cost of the degree, this job is experiencing a slump.


Do you love to taste and criticize wine? You can do it professionally with a master’s of science in viticulture. The degree is somewhat expensive at $56,000, but the salary is over $95,000 a year. This is because you’ll be working closely with wine manufacturers to ensure that wines are properly made, and that they embody the right flavors.


Knowing how to manipulate puppets won’t get you a job as a puppeteer. You need a master’s of art and puppetry to do this professionally. The problem is that the degree costs a lot, and you can easily make more money with other jobs. The degree costs $59,000, but the salary is only $28,000. At the same time, the competition is low and it’s worth doing if you love puppets.

Ice Cream Taster

Think you have what it takes to taste ice cream? Companies won’t hire you unless you have a master’s in food science. This amazing degree costs about $20,000, and the annual salary is $56,000 a year. You’ll be spending most of your day tasting ice cream, analyzing the flavor and helping the manufacturer improve the recipe until it’s perfect.

There are a lot of unusual jobs out there, and you need a weird degree to get them. If you are interested in any of these careers, then start working towards the appropriate six-year degree.

Weird Degrees and Jobs [Infographic]

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I Need A Degree For That?!

We all know there are some jobs that require education beyond a bachelor’s degree—doctors, lawyers, MBAs. But did you know that ice cream taster and racetrack managers also need to get master’s degrees to reach the highest levels of their fields?

Ice Cream Taster
DEGREE: Master in Food Science
DEGREE COST: $20,800
SALARY: $56,000

DEGREE: Master of Library Sciences
DEGREE COST: $27,500
SALARY: $58,500

Convention Director
DEGREE: Master of Science in Event Tourism
DEGREE COST: $28,710
SALARY: $48,000

Revenue Agent
DEGREE: Master of Science in Taxation
DEGREE COST: $21,000
SALARY: $49,360

Christian Sports Camp Counselor
DEGREE: Master of Divinity with Sports Ministry Certificate
DEGREE COST: $49,000
SALARY: $60,000

DEGREE: Master of Arts in Puppetry
DEGREE COST: $59,000
SALARY: $28,000

Horseracing Track Manager
DEGREE: Master of Science with Racetrack Management Certificate
DEGREE COST: $43,980
SALARY: $55,000

Bowling Alley Manager
DEGREE: Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Mangement
DEGREE COST: $34,000
SALARY: $34,857

Genetic Counselor
DEGREE: Master in Genetic Counseling
DEGREE COST: $51,000
SALARY: $55,820

DEGREE: Master of Science in Viticulture
DEGREE COST: $56,422
SALARY: $95,263

Job Postings that require or prefer a Master’s Degree: Nearly 1 in 4


Masters Degree 21.7%
Doctorate 19.9%
Bachelors 16.5%

Percentage of Adults 25 and Older with Degrees

Bachelors 18%
Masters and Doctorates 10.4%

Source: Best Masters Degrees

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  • For most of these jobs, such as Bowling Alley Manager, Vintner, Ice Cream Taster, Puppeteer, and several other jobs, you may need a master's degree with a certain leaning.
  • The problem is that some Masters degrees cost a lot, and you can easily make more money with other jobs.