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Best Investment Real Estate Entrepreneur 2

Best Investment As A Real Estate Entrepreneur

Have An Assistant In Real Estate

As a real estate agent, one of the best investments you can make is hiring an assistant. At first, it will seem that you have to do everything yourself. You may also think that….

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Virtual Author Assistant

Virtual Author’s Assistant [Interview]

Interview with a Virtual Author’s Assistant and Small Business Owner

There are many jobs and careers that people seek, from hard labor to more mental or physical jobs. Many people attempt to get jobs in official institutions where they are….

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Handshake Interview

The Power of the Handshake

Your Handshake Says It All

A few years ago, I applied for a Loss Prevention job at a Macys Department Store in the mall. I had not worked security in years, but I had wanted to get a second job….

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Business Certifications For A Promising Career In 2014

Importance of the Business Certification Programs

The business sector is progressing very rapidly as the technology is becoming more advance. In this scenario, the organizations and the business companies prefer those candidates who have gained enough knowledge and experience in….

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Sexy Businesswoman


I had started only a month earlier and a new company had acquired the one I was working for around the same time, complete with a brand new CEO and a Human Resources Department. They were a company stationed out….

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Freelancing Work

Four Reasons Why Being A Freelancer Might Be Right For You

Unless you are born or married into money, you will need to work in order to survive. You will need to earn money in order to pay your bills, such as mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, etc., and you will have to….

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Stethoscope by Computer Keyboard

3 Uncommon Places To Look For Jobs In The Healthcare Industry

It’s not your grandfather’s job market anymore.

Sure, some businesses still advertise job openings with signs in their windows and in newspaper job classifieds. However, with the power of the Internet, finding a good job these days means checking much….

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Assistant Manager Diner

Assistant Manager at a Diner

This one’s a bit of a horror story. I work at a diner franchise in Tarboro, NC as Assistant Manager. Trust me the title is exactly what it is, a title. There’s no pay raise, and my hours are just….

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Human Resources

Job Interviews – Insider Secrets from the HR Professional Revealed

Have you ever wondered what goes inside the mind of a Human Resources professional when you are facing him for an interview? We all know the set-up – you knock on the door, you sit up straight and watch the….

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Assistant Executive

The Executive Assistant

When I tell people what I do for a living most of the time they are enamored and make comments like, WOW! That must be so much fun! Or I wish I could find a job like that! I know that….

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