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Writing Services

Academic Term Paper Writing Service

Academic Term Paper Writing Services

We all know that the authoring a scholarly document like a term paper is a typical requirement for an upper division course. An academic term paper usually has a huge impact in getting final grade and….

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Writing Inspiration

Inspiring Stories About Famous Authors

Inspiring Authors and their Stories

What inspired great writers and how they scheduled their working day. Hemingway wrote standing, Nabokov used the index cards, Vonnegut recharged with scotch and Murakami with sports. We bring you the most interesting evidence of outstanding….

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Virtual Author Assistant

Virtual Author’s Assistant [Interview]

Interview with a Virtual Author’s Assistant and Small Business Owner

There are many jobs and careers that people seek, from hard labor to more mental or physical jobs. Many people attempt to get jobs in official institutions where they are….

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Writing Tools

Writing Tools of Famous Writers [Infographic]

Writing Equipment of the Famous

Even the most talented writers get into a blank spot, and most of them have special tools that help them surpass that point. Most contemporary writers rely on writing tools that are not as extravagant as….

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Google Author

Google Author Rank Building Machine [Infographic]

Google Author Ranking System

[ Since the writing and publication of this article, new information has been released that may be more recent: It’s Over:….

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She had been sitting in the sunny classroom when he got in right before the bell rang and sat in the empty seat beside her. She could not help but notice him. He was so good-looking with blond hair and….

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The Rowing Trip

[This story is an experience in my life, written in the third person.] It had been an hour drive out to the barrens. The one car was left at their destination to take back to the other car left at….

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Swimming Pool


[This story is an experience in my life, written in the third person.] It had been a busy day at the Chemistry lab and the thought of hitting the water and doing 20 laps seemed delightful. She got dressed in….

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Author Novelist


I consider myself very lucky in my work, I get to help aspiring authors get their novels up to a publishable standard and, hopefully get an agent. My company is the biggest literary editorial agency in the UK, it’s called….

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