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Job Search

What To Do If You Are Scared To Leave Your Dead-End Job

Stuck In A Dead Job? Read This!

Are you stuck in a dead end job and do not know how to progress your career any further? It can be frustrating and even depressing being in a job that you feel….

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Innovation Sign

5 Secrets Of Underpaid Wildly Successful Employees

The Secrets Of Underpaid Employees Who Have Later Become Successful

Life is a circle, and the difference between you and others is the way you choose to live it. But first, you have to listen to other people’s stories. You….

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Become a Networking Ninja in Six Simple Steps

Be a Social Networking Ninja

It is common knowledge that these days, if you want to become successful in business, who you know is almost as important as what you know. For this reason, networking has become a popular activity….

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Positive Collage

Relax and Enjoy Life [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Complete Relaxation without Stress

If you have stuck with me this far, this will be the last challenge of the year. I have given a challenge each week for the past 52 weeks,….

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Yes I Did It

Positive Thinking: How To Train Your Mind

Train Your Mind For Thinking Positive

Our lives have become a tad difficult which makes staying positive most of the time next to impossible. We are forever chasing one goal or another and in that non-stop chase we are losing….

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Stay Positive

Write Something Positive About Yourself [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Write Something Positive About Yourself

We tend to go through life, accomplishing many things, without much thought into how amazing we really are, how many goals we set for ourselves, how disciplined we were on ourselves….

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Women Strength

The Most Amazing Female Leaders [Infographic]

Amazing Female Leaders That History Books Forgot

Many incredible women are renowned for their achievements, and their memory has been cemented in history. From Cleopatra to Evita and Marie Curie to Eleanor Roosevelt, the world recognised these incredible women, their….

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