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39 Year Old Chronic Masturbation Addict ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Author: James Sapp
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Hi all, my name is James and i am a 39 year old chronic masturbation addict. I remember that i started to masturbate every day at the age of 6 when masturbation was just an "unconscious" habit that i did 2-3 times every day to make my body feel good when i had nothing else to do during the day.

At the age of 9 i started to collect porn photos from adult magazines that i found at the garbage of a local store that sold magazines of this kind. Looking at these photos made me very excited because i knew they were "restricted area" to me and my penis started to get constantly erected during the day and thus i had the urge to masturbate 4-5 times every day to feel satisfied.

By the age of 12 i started to ejaculate and to watch with friends of mine some porn video tapes secretly from adults and this new excitement raised the number of every day masturbation to 6-7 times. Finding new ways to get my penis hard (peeping at my sister in the shower and toilet and other girls at the locker room, masturbating with other boys my age, and together with the old habits to collect porn photos and watch porn video tapes, i raised ever more the number of my every day masturbation to 8-10 times per day (my "record" until i got 18 was 15 times in one day).

At the age of 19 i started to use some sex toys to masturbate (including anal play with dildos) which made my penis rock hard and my masturbation addiction to minimum 10 times every day.

From 19 and up today i still masturbate about 10 times every day. I have to mention that i am still a virgin and never had a relationship with a girl in my life. Masturbating constantly as a child, a teen and an adult got me caught red handed by my mother and my older sister many times. My mother punished me several times by spanking me and leaving me with no clothes out on the porch to give me a lesson and my sister "owned" me by blackmailing me to tell my mother that i masturbated with her panties and so i had to do her some favors like cleaning her room and masturbate in front of her friends when they had the urge to see a penis at their teen years.

I never learned my lessons though because all these punishments just fed my addiction to masturbate in every chance. I wanted to ask if there are other people out there like me, if i must make an effort to cut back masturbation time and if i m considered a pervert after all these years.

Thank you for your patience and i will appreciate every answer or comment.

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  1. Hey James,

    I will be the first to respond to your message. I am not a doctor, so I am not qualified to give you any medical advice. But I can certainly give you some friendly advice, if you are looking for it. Your topic is a very sensitive one and I think some people would be too embarrassed to ask for help, to ask for advice, or even talk about it. Let alone — there are many people who are afraid to give advice on the topics of sex and masturbation issues. Well, not me. I must say, luckily, that your addiction is not one that can really kill you. There are people who are addicted to drugs, casual sex with strangers (including sex with prostitutes), food, and even dangerous situations. Yours — while it won't kill you, could consume you to the point where you let your life go by without ever living it because all you were doing was masturbating.

    First of all, I appreciate you being so open and honest on Confessions of the Professions. You chose to write your confession without being anonymous and that is okay. I don't think anyone is going to discover who you are anyway.

    There is nothing wrong with the act of masturbation itself. The fact that you discovered it at a young age and explored it is a healthy thing for both young boys and girls to do. Boys will find that it feels good tugging on it and they may even stick it in places that feel good, while girls will find that it feels good rubbing in that area, and there are certain things that even make it feel better — a washing machine, a vibrating toy, etc.

    Parents who catch their children in the act should not overreact or tell their child it is wrong. They could either ignore it, or explain to their child that it is a private, but normal act that should be done in the bathroom. I remember a room mate telling me that she would tell her child it is a sin. Way to ruin a child for life. But a parent should not laugh, should not act like it is a sin or that it is an act that should not be performed — masturbation is completely normal. It may have come from Woody Allen or Rodney Dangerfield, but the saying goes, "Masturbation is just having sex with someone I love."

    You should never be ashamed of the fact that you masturbate, never be ashamed at all. You sound like you are a pretty normal guy who is just comfortable with himself. I am sure you go to work everyday, then you head home, and spend a lot of time alone, by yourself. In that time, you probably look for things to do, always turning to porn or things to get you excited when you are bored or just feeling lonely.

    It seems the issue is: Has masturbation consumed you to the point where you cannot develop healthy relationships or do not want to develop relationships with the opposite sex? Do you turn to masturbation for comfort and support when you feel happy, lonely, sad, or depressed? Does it consume you to the point that you even have to sneak into the bathroom at work in order to satisfy those needs? Or do you fantasize about porn or the very act of masturbating and the sensations that come along with it all the time?

    I repeat this: It is healthy to masturbate every so often, even once a day could be considered normal, but once you let it consume you to the point where it is all you are doing 5, 10, 15 times a day — and you are not forming healthy relationships and friendships, than you have to ask yourself: Do I accept this? Is this something I want? Is this all my life will ever be? Once you have made your final decision on whether you want to continue or not, than no one can tell you otherwise.

    Masturbation is a choice. Instead of masturbating, turn that energy towards something else: swimming, running, exercising, reading a book, biking, hiking, traveling, breaking a world record, working on a project, etc. It does not mean you have to stop masturbating completely, but when you find yourself bored or lonely, find something to do other than masturbate. Find something else that makes you feel comfortable and more importantly, make you feel productive. There are going to be days where you will masturbate like crazy. Maybe you want to make it a party for yourself once a week, and every other day of the week, commit yourself to doing something else that is not masturbating.

    If you choose to accept the alternate reality: Moderation for masturbation. Then you can begin a whole new process for yourself. It is never too late to meet people, make friends, or just talk to people and get to know them. Start with some co-workers at work or neighbors. Ask them if they would like to hang out some time or do something. If you can do it at work, ask everyone if they want to go for a "Happy Hour" on a Friday night or over the weekend and just get to know your co-workers. Do not mention your masturbation addiction to anyone. It is none of their business and not something you want to share with the world.

    Start talking to women. Show an interest in them. Learn how to flirt and make small talk, but do not become a "creeper." By creeper, I mean that lonely guy in the bar who hovers by girls and overhears their conversation or tries to fit into places he doesn't belong. Women can sense confidence. Since you are already comfortable with yourself, you just have to learn to be comfortable around women. I want to stress this: Accept that you will NOT make friends with everyone. You will not get along with everyone. You will probably not get the first girl you talk to, but there are many women out there, many fish in the sea that will have similar interests and be willing to go out or hang out with you. I guarantee if you talk to and learn enough about them, you will find a woman who masturbates as much as you do, and would love to have fun with you and even do it to you. You could probably even find that woman online, on an Internet dating site, if you prefer.

    Don't let your past define who you are. Every day is a canvas waiting to be painted on, a new lesson waiting to be learned. You are not who you were yesterday. If you want to change, than you must make the change happen yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. You have people who know your history but even those people do not really define the person you choose to be.

    And if none of this advice appeals to you and you want to continue your life as it is, there is really no one in the world who can tell you that you are wrong for doing so. You spend your life however you want to live it. Your life, your choices, but make sure that in the end (reflect on your life as if you were an old man looking back on your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc...) when you look back on your life, make sure you are proud of the person you were and who you chose to be.

  2. 39 Year Old Chronic Masturbation Addict via @OneTruConscious

  3. 39 Year Old Chronic Masturbation Addict via @OneTruConscious

  4. segaiolo aka john rossetti says:

    i've been a compulsive,chronic masturbator all my life. a t first,as a teenager ,encouraged by my mom, the masturbatrix.then by my wife. i couldn 't penetrate due to my heavy addiction to solo sex.i was a cuckold all my married life. submissive to a superior lady. her busy sex life stimulated me to masturbate almost constantly. in my life i penetrated only 4 times. twice on my wedding nite,both times i lost erection right after penetration. i had to stroke it to orgasm to my wife amusamant. she was aware i was a chronic masturbator and she had several lovers. same happened when i penetrated two pros.they told me i most masturbate a lot. they were right. i still spend daily hours watching porno, masturbating furiously thinking about my mom huge,shaved cunt and my wife and her many lovers . i'm on onania and tumblr. segaiolo

  5. John says:

    Also compulsive addicted masturbator. I tend to jack off 2-3 times a day, but sometimes more. You are definitely not alone. There are a lot of guys like us who can't keep our hands off our dicks.

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